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So, me and my sister went to the Pete and Pete reunion in SF the other day. To be honest, while seeing the original cast read off scripts from episodes that were now 20+ years old was great, the whole lack of a Q&A and autographing period for fans was a bit of a let down.

Thankfully, the “cool, but just sorta alright” night was made into an awesome one thanks to a chance encounter with siblings Alex and Ariel Hirsch, who are essentially the real-life Dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls (Alex being the creator of the show… nbd).

To be able to meet Alex and Ariel was a real honor, not just because they were the inspiration for one of the best animated shows on TV as of late, but because they’re siblings that enjoy spending time with each other, which is honestly something I still don’t see portrayed that often in TV, movies, etc. Hanging out with my sister that night and seeing that the Hirsches (sp?) were doing the same just really resonated with me.

I’m sure in some alternate reality, my sister would have forced a group dinner with them, eventually ending in drunken karaoke-ing of ABBA’s entire discography, but a brief “hello” followed by a group sibling picture was good enough for me.

Really nice people, the both of them :D.

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